Quick overview of this site and Trebah Gardens

Trebah Gardens are subtropical gardens on the banks of the Helford estuary  in Cornwall. The photographs build up over the year and are arranged in various collections. The idea is to provide a record of the gardens as well as show visitors the things to see at various times of year. See 2000-2009 here. See 2010 here, 2011 here, 2012 here. The Gardens are protected from the wind and always have something to look at. The head gardener strives to increase the garden’s interest and some may regard him as taking bold steps in doing this. The garden is beautiful now but also the planting is for future centuries with some rare and slow growing trees.

This is not the official site - for that go here - . There is some visitor information and maps on this site here.

There are always many trees and views in Trebah, and from the past the garden has Camellias, Azalea and Rhododendron in the winter/spring. Hydrangea and Gunnera take the summer/autumn slot. With new schemes and planting Trebah is extending it’s appeal.

This site tries to give the viewer an experience of visiting the garden’s as well as recording the variations in the garden through time. Different methods will be tried as time permits using the medium of the Internet.